Your Sins Will Catch Up With You

Now I’m terribly sure that I have heard this foreboding expression on a recent occasion. Was it a Bible verse, a movie, a book, or a soothsaying buddy?

I think it’s from that British movie “Dead Man’s Shoes” that I watched some time ago. A solid movie, but I am to write of the sins, not the flick.

Some of my old vices are surely catching up with me. And it comes on the form of a seasoned and persistent hag in a white robe. With a literal sleight of hand, she made me committed an all too familiar sin at a time when I didn’t want to.

It’s odd and it comes with a heavy price. I feel satiated, sad, enraged, and manipulated at the same time. I left the hag with a sunken feeling and cursed her over and over, while deep in my heart, I know that I am to curse myself.

Gotta run faster...

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